The One after the derbi

So another derbi came and went and it will have to be in the 13th year when we end the draught of victories against Real Madrid. Despite a solid start from the team with a stunning play and goal by reality-rather-than-promise Adrián the team conceded two penalties that had two red cards attached leaving a shameful 4-1 on the scoreboard. Much can be said about the referee but we found Manzano mostly to blame…again. We summoned our good friend Joakim Jonsson (@joakimjnsson on Twitter) colchonero friend and contributor to www.svenskafans.com and MadridAtleticos to give us his view on the derbi.

We also have Andy Muirhead from the prestigious Scotzine (@scotzine on Twitter) to talk about the match ahead versus Celtic and give us insight on what Atleti will find on Wednesday at Celtic Park. Rayo, the goalkeeper dilemma, giggling Reyes among other topics. Sit back, listen and enjoy to your weekly Atleti in English!