The One where we won playing badly

Atleti ended a five game winless La Liga streak by beating Granada 2-0. In the Europa League front Atleti shone with a brilliant display by Salvio and Adrián scoring a beautiful third goal. Things would have run more smoothly had Simao not scored the worrying final 3-1. Simeone’s team seems to be running on empty every second half even though the last two matches were wins. Will the team cope with the sustained intensity Cholo demands?

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  1. Mirai_Torres

    Good Morning to my weekly rant on ThisisAtleti on this beautiful spring day in Germany :)

    I don’t have much to say today, as I agreed on most of your points. Its true that people will always complain about Atleti. But it really makes no sense to talk about which ref is the worst in Primera. They all are so incredibly bad at refereeing you can just divide into giving them a -1 or a -2 on a 1 to 10 scale :D

    Now I finally found out who to blame for the point that we don’t regularly make this beautiful to watch Miranda style goals: It’s Ricky watching! Once he doesn’t we score such a beautiful one! Well done Rodrigo!

    On Dominguez action as a left back. He did not really play bad and was definitely solid in defense but I can’t agree on the point you didn’t see a difference to Filipe. As Gary said we lacked those offensive runs Filipe uses to do. Dominguez tried a few times, but it was not really the same which should not downgrade Dominguez
    performance. But in a match where there is no real creativity upfront you notice.

    You could really see the team was tired at the Granada match. We have to hope our injury problems get better so we’ll be able to rest some of those. On Pizzi’s 15 Million buying clause, which we did not take. He is one of the Mendes guys, isn’t he?

    On Falcao and the booing: Sure Falcao was expensive and with stepping into Kun Agüero’s footsteps (because everyone always compares them) was quite difficult. But we still have to see that Falcao is human and needs to adapt to a new league, a new system etc etc. Also we can’t really complain as he – unlike Torres – still scores! Think about how it would be if we signed him for 40 Millions and he would not score a single goal :D

    On Juanfran: I also don’t really see him in the spanish squad for Euro but if he can take those performances into the next season Del Bosque will have to take him on some point. He’s doing really well (and I think he plays way better than Arbeloa) but as Del Bosque seems to not take risks he’ll have to show a consistency in his defensive performances. Adrían is a whole other thing: That guy deserves to go to the Euro 2012 and not to the Olympics!

    On Besiktas I agree with Derek. We just should not conceed an early goal. As for Mallorca: Time for exceptions are over. We have to win there!

    That was everything for today ;)


    PS: I still feel kind of ignored by all of you! :(

  2. Hi Susanne!

    Thanks for your weekly battering of our hard work! :( LOL Just joking! Thanks for commenting as always.

    I’m not saying Dominguez is a bad left back! Not at all! I’m saying in fact he managed for us not to miss Filipe though we would have against a more powerful squad I presume. Filipe’s depth anyway was missed last Sunday even though I think we are yet to see the real Filipe once he manages to pull all his confidence together. Dominguez is in fact one of my personal favorites.

    Forza Atleti!

  3. Mirai_Torres

    I know you did not say Dominguez is a bad left back. Neither did I. I just wanted to point out that you saw the difference between them because Filipe plays more offensely on left back than Dominguez.

    Dominguez is also one of my favorites